My Children Are Not Perfect

I just came to the realization today that my children are not perfect. 

Yes, I know…I am as shocked as you are. 

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No Detail

I will not delve into the details of how my perception of perfection was marred as I only believe in talking about my experience of the world and not theirs, but I am reeling.

Worse yet, they were all home schooled.  I’m not saying that home schooled children are better behaved than schooled children, but I think I just disproved the 10,000 hour hypothesis.  You know the one that says 10,000 focused time on task hours yields mastery.  What a crock.  I should have cranked out 3 saints.


However, let us just keep this between you and me because they still believe that I believe they are perfect, and I think a little deception in this regard is good for their self-esteem. 

And heaven forbid, do not tell their grandmothers.  On that note, they would not believe you anyway so go ahead.  They are formidable women.

I will be strong…for my husband’s sake….But then again aren’t imperfectly perfect people lovelier to live with…Better for my own self-esteem.

I’m Not Delusional

Glad I’m not one of those delusional parents who continue to lie to themselves about their children’s perfection.

And thank goodness they still think I’m perfect.

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