Freeing The Ladies

The Commitment

Nothing cements my commitment to relaxing like the shedding of my bra.  The donning of my pajamas whispers of intention to get there, but sadly, outdoor wear in the form of pajamas is still relatively acceptable in my neck of Canada. Hence, pajamas are not a deterrent to being seen in public.

I wish I looked this good in my jammies!
Photo by Amelia Keller on Unsplash

I know many ladies who go braless into public spaces, but if you are an amply-bosomed woman battling the forces of gravity with the addition of a major modesty complex, going braless from the house, let alone answering the door, just will not happen.  

Decision Made

There is something about making the decision and then following through that feels as refreshing as a sip of cold beer on a hot day.  With it comes a feeling of abandon and aeration causing me to make impulsive decisions like, “Calories be damned.  Yes, I will have a piece of that chocolate cake.”

So here I am, another night with the choice of a promising book or a brainless movie, releasing the hostages from their imprisonment. With that carefree attitude, I declare unashamed, “This mama ain’t going anywhere tonight.” 

And of equal importance…

“Where’s my cake?!”

You thought my demands for cake were unreasonable, but my son baked!

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

What is your signal for some serious relax time? Share in the comments if you feel so inclined.

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