Farmer Jane

Check out these beauties.

No, they are not the latest purchase from the local produce store.  They are mine.  Homegrown in our backyard on our hill which has previously only been good for bramble.

Reluctant Gardener

I would like to say that I embrace gardening like the people on my local Facebook gardening group do, but alas, I do not.  I was brought into it kicking and screaming by my mother who wanted to use our backyard to expand her gardening empire.  Citing lack of time and already a challenge to fit creative pursuits into my schedule of snacking on tortilla chips, all my excuses were blown out of the water by a little something called COVID. Suddenly, I had an abundance of time with my work reducing to 50%.  Gardening then seemed like a logical prepper activity to indulge in to stock my bunker.

Now, I would like to say that these little potato gems were the result of countless hours of sweat equity, but aside from digging the garden, I garden like I parent…I assume a little neglect goes a long way.  Darwin would be proud.

Mom Helped A Little

Thankfully due to my mom’s weekly forays over to weed (I did help…I fed her lunch), the garden did not go too wild except for the lettuce. I admired the beautiful leaves until it flowered, and then I continued to admire its floral glory until my husband requested to cut it as it impeded his lawn cutting efforts.  As an aside, I found his request to cut the lettuce endearing as there are many an interaction on my Facebook gardening page unequivocally encouraging divorce to those whose spouse dare prune anything they “thought was a weed.”  Tough crowd, gardeners.  I wonder if a statistical study would find higher rates of single status or criminal convictions among gardeners.  Probably not the latter, they know how to hide the evidence.

A Little Neglect Goes A Long Way

Anyway due to neglect and some intermittent watering, I have come away with a beautiful bounty of potatoes.  I have found my plant.  Lettuce I just could not keep up.  With kale, my timing was always off, and I did not get it before it became a tough big leaf.  Beans and radishes…not my favorite vegetables so no incentive there.  Green onions lovely and delicious, but so unstorably abundant.  The jury is out on the zucchini and squash still; however, potatoes are my kind of gardening.  Little effort for wonderful yield. 

Seriously though, thanks, mom.  I attribute the slightly green hue on my thumb to you.  It is barely perceptible, but it is there. 

When life gives you shit, grow a garden – Unknown (Sorry, mom)

Sadly, not my garden. My weeds are bigger.
Photo by Elias Morr on Unsplash
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