Time to Dye

I am a very lucky woman. 


Gracing my kitchen counter, a box of hair dye awaits.  Why am I still dyeing my hair?  Because I’m not ready to embrace full grey quite yet.  I love the look on other women, but for me I would like to milk a few more years out of my box of dye before I make the commitment to sport a full head of grey.

I anticipate I will know the time to go all grey.  It’s like when I knew our family was complete at three children or that I was too old to sport the mini skirt with army boots.  Wistfully, I bid goodbye to a chapter well lived, but with the peace that it was time to move on.

I feel it will be the same when it’s time to embrace my natural hair color.

But what does this have to do with being a lucky woman…stay with me.

Not me, but look how pretty her grey hair is. I hope I can rock that kind of look one day.
Photo by Natasha Brazil on Unsplash

My Boys

In my household, I’ve been blessed to have two lovely boys…boys who currently tower over me and make me feel cared for, yet mighty because they both still listen to their mama even if they have to implement a bit of sass to let me know that they are deciding to listen, not because they have to.  This, in my opinion, is the best kind of listening.  They talk too…and not always about things that fill my heart with delight.

The Sign It’s Time

One of my sons has taken it upon himself to be the indicator that it is time for my hair to be dyed.  It usually happens when my mind is elsewhere focused on making dinner, feeding dogs or thinking about how lovely my children are.  The one-sided conversation usually goes like this…

“Mom, you’re looking a little grey.  Have you decided to let your hair go all grey like *so and so.*”   He looks serious, but his eyes twinkle as he continues.

“You’re starting to look a little old.” 

As I start to rant about his being responsible for most of my grey hair and how it is a sign of deep, deep wisdom, he rapidly exits.

Such is the signal that it’s time to get out the box of hair dye…without fail…every two to three months.

Yep, I am a very…very…very…lucky woman who now has two children in my Will.

This is usually the kind of mess I make dyeing my hair, but I’m too cheap to get it done professionally.
Photo by mohit suthar on Unsplash

Do you dye your hair? If so, why or why not? I’m gathering info for my own transition.

Freeing The Ladies

The Commitment

Nothing cements my commitment to relaxing like the shedding of my bra.  The donning of my pajamas whispers of intention to get there, but sadly, outdoor wear in the form of pajamas is still relatively acceptable in my neck of Canada. Hence, pajamas are not a deterrent to being seen in public.

I wish I looked this good in my jammies!
Photo by Amelia Keller on Unsplash

I know many ladies who go braless into public spaces, but if you are an amply-bosomed woman battling the forces of gravity with the addition of a major modesty complex, going braless from the house, let alone answering the door, just will not happen.  

Decision Made

There is something about making the decision and then following through that feels as refreshing as a sip of cold beer on a hot day.  With it comes a feeling of abandon and aeration causing me to make impulsive decisions like, “Calories be damned.  Yes, I will have a piece of that chocolate cake.”

So here I am, another night with the choice of a promising book or a brainless movie, releasing the hostages from their imprisonment. With that carefree attitude, I declare unashamed, “This mama ain’t going anywhere tonight.” 

And of equal importance…

“Where’s my cake?!”

You thought my demands for cake were unreasonable, but my son baked!

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

What is your signal for some serious relax time? Share in the comments if you feel so inclined.