Blog Lessons – Creating a Gravatar

Doing some extra homework time on learning to manage my WordPress site, I came upon the subject of gravatars.

A gravatar is a globally recognized avatar.  It is a picture or a graphic representation of you which is attached to every comment you make when you post on your site or sites of others.  It’s a way of attaching some recognizability and professionalism to your online persona.

This poses an issue for me…how to you post a gravatar when you’re not entirely sure the picture you take of yourself represents you very well…in short, what if you’re not naturally photogenic.

I’m not being coy here or fishing for compliments.  I truly believe my personal photographs do not adequately represent me very well.  I know.  I’ve seen people’s faces when they see my picture versus the real life version of me.  They are a little taken aback that the photo doesn’t quite match very well.  I’m talking driver license and recreational pass issuers, passport photographers (blotted me for shine) and one young high school boy who said quite frankly “you don’t look your best on camera.”

I’ve had some photos I’ve really liked of myself, but they are few and far between.  I have friends who can snap an amazing photo of themselves and look like they rolled off a magazine cover while sitting at home in their jammies on a Friday night, but I have to take great effort to make it look like I didn’t just move house, cook a five-course meal and go for a jog afterwards.  Shiny forehead, quadruple chins and all…stunning.  (Where did all these chins come from?  I’m pretty sure some just come from the added 10 pounds of the camera lens…how many lens are on me?).

I was tempted to use a simulation of myself, but in my pursuit of authenticity, this doesn’t feel good to me.

I decided then that the internet is the encyclopedia of all things to learn…why not learn how to take a good selfie.

These are some of the tips I unearthed in my research:

  • good light
  • try different angles to find your sweet spot
  • elongate your neck
  • use the right filter
  • take a lot of pics
  • natural facial expressions
  • don’t take yourself seriously, but take yourself seriously

Wow, implementing these tips worked way better than I expected especially good lighting.  It appears I’m not a side profile sort of girl, but lots of pics, a beauty filter on my phone (need all the help I can get for the shiny forehead) and different angles culminated in a picture that was satisfying (albeit the enlarged version is a little blurry).

So, here it is in all its glory….(Please note I did retake this a lot of times)…my gravatar…it’s not perfect, but neither am I…be kind.

2018-08-09 03:05:23

This was all done through Gravatar.

I need to credit the following resources for their advice:

Michelle Phan on taking the perfect selfie.

The Art of Selfie Taking

Selfies 101


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