Day 62 – White Space and Writing

My goal to blog every day for 365 days has been difficult as I imagined it would be, but what I didn’t foresee is that it would burn me out.  My writing dwindled and dwindled until the point where I almost decided to give it up.  It seems blogging and finding time to learn about blogging has been a bigger challenge than I would anticipated.  Apparently when you have a family, they insist on having some of your time…who would have thought?!

However, the embers of this challenge were still burning, albeit pathetically.

fire camping coals embers
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One thing I have learned this week about the writing process is that it requires white space…that margin of time where you are neither writing nor thinking of writing, but just focused on something you enjoy doing.  For me this week, it was gardening, catching up on a few bloggers I enjoy reading about and giving in to my addiction for a good fix of wisdom from my self-help book collection.

As a result of my white space this week, I return with a fresh batch of ideas, some focus and direction for the week ahead and renewed vigor for the continued practice of my writing.

I encourage you that if you’re feeling that something you love isn’t fun anymore because you’ve over-committed, are spending too much time thinking about it or feel it has become a duty or obligation, take some white space.  I won’t guarantee you’ll come back to your commitment, but the mental space away will at the very least help you reevaluate priorities and just maybe make you miss it enough that you reconnect with the fun in your personal challenge.

Day 62 – Over and Out.

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