Day 60 – Happy Mother Day

I’ve been reading a barrage of Happy Mother’s Day Facebook posts acknowledging all kinds of moms for the hard work they do and the selfless love they shower on their children.

It struck me that Mother’s Day has the same feel to me as our elected officials voting themselves a raise…the uncomfortable feeling that all the energy in this day is perpetuated by the same people being honored.  Hey, I’m guilty.  I love a good dose of appreciation of my sacrifices as much as the next mom and have no issues about asking for it if I have to.

However today, I’d like to flip Mother’s Day a little bit and instead thank the ones who made this all possible…

To my kiddos,

Thank you for picking me as your mom.  Whatever in the cosmos dictated that you were to be our souls to care take, I am forever grateful.  If I had the pick of what children I would have had , I don’t think I would have picked three lovely individuals as yourselves, and my life would have been poorer for it (I don’t have a great imagination).

Thank you for every glass of juice you spilled after I just mopped the floor and every T-shirt I wore that you utilized as Kleenex.  You stretched me to be more patient and to put people ahead of cleanliness.

Thank you for every artistic sketch you drew on the wall and every carving you made into our table.  You taught me perspective, what constitutes real art and that stuff is just stuff.

Thank you for noticing nature and bringing my attention to it.  You taught me to stop and smell the roses and have admiration for all creatures…even the ones with eight legs.

Thank you for having personal challenges.  You taught me empathy for others and to be less judgmental.

Thank you for making me feel sadness and fear at times for each of you.  You taught me faith in a higher power and strengthened my beliefs.

Thank you for allowing me to share your pain.  You taught me to trust in your ability to heal and marvel at your resilience.

Thank you for arguing with me and for challenging my decisions.  You taught me to examine what I believe, to lose what just didn’t make sense for us and to stand firm in what did.

Thank you for accepting my imperfect parenting.  You taught me humility and to ask for forgiveness.

Thank you for having a sense of humor.  You taught me the importance of emphasizing joy and that laughter is the best kind of medicine.

Thank you for loving and caring about me.  You reminded me that I am worthy of being loved and cared for, despite my flaws.

It is indeed a Happy Mother Day.




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