Day 58 – Hypocritical Adulting

While my intention is not to use my blog as a platform for ranting, there is one issue which I am especially sensitive about…hypocritical adulting.

I realize that this is an imperfect world filled with imperfectly-perfect people; however, let’s own our imperfections and be authentically flawed rather than dumping the mantle of our insecurities on the younger humans in our care.  These inconsistencies are weakening our sphere of influence and impede our sharing of wisdom.

What does hypocritical adulting look like…this week?

  • Complaining about children and screen time online.
  • Posting quotes about how children need to be outside more in all weather from the comfort our plushy sofa.
  • Describing the younger generation as entitled, lazy and disrespectful.
  • Telling our youth to get good grades in order to get a good job and then complain to our spouse about the “good” job that is sucking our soul dry.
  • Lamenting bullying in our schools and then taking a photo of someone hogging two parking spots and posting it on Facebook.
  • Telling your child to pay attention and then looking at your phone while they are talking to you.

So let’s flip it…what would authentic adulting look like perhaps?

  • Sitting down next to your gamer child and letting them tell you what is absorbing their attention online without judgement after you have turned off the internet for the whole family for a few hours.
  • Getting yourself and your family out in nature.
  • Supporting our youth so they can be their amazing selves and giving them reasons to feel less anxious out in the world.
  • Encouraging all ages to challenge themselves and follow their interests while also following our own.
  • Demonstrating true power by owning our mistakes and moments of unkindness.
  • Listening truly to the real human in front of us…and putting down the damn phone.

Trust is earned when actions match words.  – Chris Butley


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