Day 57 – Freeze-Frame Memories

Recently, I had one of those days where you get to watch your teenagers step back in time a little, shake off the adult-to-be exteriors and be littles again.

The first moment which stands out poignantly clear was on a family holiday to Maui a couple of years ago.  My DH and I were able to watch our three teens allow themselves to be washed up on the beach by the waves and then run down the beach back to the water’s edge to do it all over again.  We sat there until it was dark, watching them run up and down, up and down, laughing and egging each other on.

The moment that happened the other day was watching them run sprint races in a local park on a beautiful sunny day.  I only had two teens with me at the time; however, what started as a school assignment quickly turned into silly, fun racing with me timing them to see if they could beat their own previous time.

Every time one of these moments happen, I tell myself to stop, enjoy and remember.  These are those moments that freeze time and bring joy and pain all in the same second.  On one hand you don’t know if that moment will ever come again or be quite as perfect and on the other you feel privileged to have another one of these memories to file away in your mental filing cabinet.

Yet in the joy and the pain, the same words run through my head…”I’m so lucky, I’m so lucky, I’m so lucky…”

Live for the moments you can’t put into words.

— Kid Roc

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