Day 55 – A Tribute to a Quiet Man

Last Saturday, the world lost a quiet man.  His loss didn’t cause the world to take notice or multitudes to mourn, but for those who knew and loved him, the loss was and continues to be felt deeply.

What defined this quiet man:

He was not demonstrably affectionate, but lived his love through his actions, working every day and providing his family with stability and security, particularly in times that were neither stable nor secure.

He did not use his time on earth to chase his own selfish form of personal happiness, but instead abided by his own value system of duty and responsibility.

He did not attract attention and never really even wanted it, but his influence was felt strong and lasting in those who had the honor to know him.

He did not enjoy talking much, but when he did, demonstrated a surprising quick wit and well-developed sense of humor; however when angry or serious, his words were all the more powerful for the silence between.

He lived simply with contentment in the little things.

He suffered bravely.

He was loyal in good times and bad.  He may not have known how to make things better, but he knew how to stay.

To know this quiet man is to understand the huge hole he has left in his passing and to be grateful for his legacy of values which lives on in those he left behind.

Thank you, quiet man, for the opportunity to know you.  Rest in peace.  You are missed.




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