Day 52 – Blogging Lessons for Week #8

After pulling back from speeding into formalizing my blogging last week, I spent some time on other things and found myself unexpectedly inspired.

I had joined a blogging group calling Blogging for New Bloggers on Facebook and have found a wealth of information and support, but even more helpful was a free intro course on blogging provided by the admin of this Facebook group.  I have been doing a lot of reading on blogging online and in book form, and this little free 5-day course has been the one I have loved the most (though I’m still working my way through…yes, 5-day course has taken 2 weeks so far…I work very slow).

Every course and every Facebook chat I have read alludes to finding your niche.  The consensus seems to be that the finding of said niche should be something specific and in essence a little money-making gem.  This left me feeling stressed and even a little empty.

While I would love to have a money-earning blog one day, this is in the future as I learn more and hone my skills; however, I did see the point of selecting a niche, but I didn’t want the foundation to be to primarily about making money.  It felt like a get-rich-quick scheme or a hustle.

Well, this free online course (available at TinyLoveBug) was the very first one that gave me permission to base my blog on something I love to write about and not primarily about money.  She sensibly indicated that you should be writing about something you enjoy writing about or your blog will become a chore.  She also gave the advice to choose a niche based on something that you think about on your down time.  This made my niche selection so much easier.

I will unveil it at a later time when I’m more prepared and have organized it somewhat, but I’m learning my lesson and going slow and steady.

Is there any particular blog or course that helped you in your blogging journey?


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