Day 51 – Huh?

Imagine living in a world where every sound is muffled, and your entire family who are not very quiet people sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.  This is the world my son who has very bad sinus congestion has been living in for the last few weeks.

Communication at the best of times in our household is a challenge; however, this newest obstacle is particularly frustrating.  I can express something affectionate and full of motherly wisdom and am greeted with the particularly intelligent response of “HUH?”

So, I make eye contact, use charades and talk louder and am still not 100% sure I’m getting through.  I have an urge to grab the nasal aspirator (think turkey baster for the nose, but instead of basting, it suctions…stuff) and stick it in his ear and suction out all that is standing in the way of our clear communication.  I don’t, but admittedly the urge is strong.  I would like to say it’s because my better nature intervenes, but really it’s because he’s bigger than me.

This must be what the Universe feels when trying to get our attention.  There we are, wallowing in our own ruminations, pursuing things that don’t bring us joy or continuing to make the same mistakes over and over again and wondering why the results aren’t different…essentially not paying attention.

Meanwhile, the Universe is trying to get our attention, asking us to pay attention to a new direction, a different possibility, a new way of thinking or doing, or even just to notice the miracles around us and change our perspective, and we respond…


The Universe starts speaking louder, signs start flashing, universal arms wave more frantically, and things start falling on our head, we again respond…


My suggestion, listen before the Universe gets its nasal aspirator out.  The process is uncomfortable, revealing and can even be downright painful.


The Universe never stops trying to get our attention, and neither does my son’s mother…we all just matter too much.


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