Day 50 – A Morning with Homeschooled Teens

Some days just don’t start out well, you wake up feeling off for various womanly reasons, and you circle the house just waiting for something to receive your negative attention. Homeschooled teenagers who have not appeared out of bed at 10 a.m. on a weekday are perfect fodder for said negative attention.

As I am not much for yelling and prefer a more subtle means of communicating my dismay, I did what any resourceful mother would do when she suspects her kids might be awake, but haven’t delighted her yet with their presence, I unplugged the internet.

It must be said that approximately 2 minutes after the unplugging of the internet, all three teenagers were upright and wishing me good morning with a tentative hug and sidelong glances to ascertain the temperature of the household matron.

Fortunately, I don’t have much longevity for irritability and my teens get the hint fairly quickly. They immediately sprang into action, swearing their greetings at each other (they really do like each other, but seem to find these morning greetings mutually humorous), getting breakfast (or brunch I guess would be more appropriate), coffee (for those who needed the extra kick…me too, please!) and started their various endeavors.

Moral of my little story:  WiFi speaks louder than words.  Wield your power responsibly.


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