Day 47 – Lessons in Blogging Week #7

This week has been a tough week.  A family situation resulted in very little blogging last week, but admittedly some space away from blogging provided some necessary clarity.


I had been struggling migrating my blog over to BlueHost continuously receiving an error message that I did not know how to resolve.  Time was in short supply, so the opportunity to spend resolving said error message was proving to be difficult.  The grey hairs on my head started to go white.

The realization hit me that I am the captain of this ship, and there is no pressure to do anything right now.  With that, I cancelled my BlueHost subscription (they were wonderful by the way, and the refund was instant – 30-day full-refund policy).

I’m not giving up…far from it.  I have plans for another domain that I want some time developing. I also plan to utilize my skills to shorten blog posts.  Daily blogging is not for lengthy epistles.

In my time spent supporting my family and stepping away from my blog for a few days, I also clued into what I want my niche to be and purchased a domain along those lines.  My plan is to spend some time developing myself in that direction.

Admittedly what I currently feel is relief, and in the spirit of that relief, I am also changing my blogging schedule to six times a week.  My mind needs a day off to recharge.

It’s lovely not to hate the sight of my computer anymore.


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