Day 45 – Resumes and Self-Esteem

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Nothing hits a blow to self-acceptance like putting yourself on the job market.  Resumes and interviews can feel leave you feeling naked and exposed for acceptance or denial, making it difficult to keep perspective.

This all comes to mind helping my DD with her resume and remembering all those feelings all over again from all my job hunting searches through the years.  Being introverted adds another level of sensitivity to the process making networking and cold calling to “sell” yourself an exhausting procedure.

Here’s some tips on keeping your sanity and self-esteem intact while waiting for opportunity to knock, call, email or text.

Subscribe to a philosophy of abundance, not lack.

The news and social media will be full of reasons why you will not find work..automation taking people’s jobs, downturn in the economy and high competition for good-paying jobs.  Don’t lose yourself in fear, choose the belief of abundance.  You will act from a place of peace instead of desperation.  This makes a huge difference in the energy you project.

Cheering squad.

You need support to bolster you when spirits are low.  Spend time with those people who will provide encouragement.  Spend less time with those who sow seeds of doubt and fear…a lot less time.


Pick up a hobby.  Exercise.  Attend a free workshop at the library.  Start a blog.  Volunteer.  Take up a side hustle.  Doesn’t matter what, just do.

You Matter.

Remember it’s not about you not being enough as a human being or lacking.  Your essence continues to be perfect, and you matter.  The job you are meant to have will manifest itself at the right time.

Attitude of Gratitude.

Nothing beats gratitude to chase away inadequacy.  Name five things to be grateful for and just be in the space that opens up.

All the best in all your job hunting.  I wish you peace and may your phone ring soon!



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