Day 41 – Ordering my Universe with Rice Krispy Squares

As I have detailed before, I have seasonal allergies with symptoms that manifest as anxiety attacks.  During these times, it doesn’t take much for me to become overwhelmed especially when a day feels full and my time is in demand.

Yesterday was a reminder that my best cure for overwhelm and anxiety for me is to complete a task and get that feeling of accomplishment.  It doesn’t have to be a particularly big task, just something to motivate myself to take another step.  One small task leads to another task and so on.  Another illustration that movement is better than stasis when dealing with anxiety….or a nap (I will never deny the health benefits of a lovely nap).

Feeling a desire to nurture my family, as well as having a huge sweet tooth craving (tiredness!), I looked up a Rice Krispy Square recipe, refreshed myself of the basic outline and then winged it (really hard to screw up unless you burn the marshmallow mix).  I threw in extra marshmallows and peanut butter (yummy!).  Devices were turned off, and I was fully present watching the marshmallows melt in white swirls in the peanut butter (very pretty!).  When I was finished, I felt I could breathe again, and I had the adoration of all sweet tooth family members.

It’s silly when you think about it, but nevertheless, I cannot deny that feeling of peaceful control that came with finishing that small task.  Not only was I grounded, I moved forward through the rest of my day in a mindful way (sugar helped too) .

So if you’re feeling a little anxious and stuck, try completing something small.  After all small goals done now lead to big goals completed later.

Enjoy your weekend.  Happy Easter!



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