Day 36 – Blogging Lessons for Week #5

This week’s lessons are more of a reflection of a question than an actual lesson.

What do you do when you enter a blogging rut?  

My situation…I’m in that fog of hopelessness and low self-esteem that probably happens to anyone who exposes themselves in a vulnerable way out of their comfort zone.  After the initial high wears off, I find myself left in this dark place where I feel unsure of myself, and I’m asking myself the hard question, “Do I really have something of value to contribute to this great world of online conversation and sharing?”

This dark place is illuminated by the feeling of “flow” I have felt in the writing process…the way time ceases to exist, and it’s just your busy mind and the keyboard.  The experience of this is new, and the process is something I’m loving.

So as in all problems, sitting still and ruminating can only happen for so long before action needs to happen.  As in my first post, I need to stop thinking and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, myself into action.

On that note, I’m setting myself two assignments this week:

  1. Pay for website hosting.  This will involve some research of my options.
  2. Join a support group for new bloggers.

Please feel free to offer up any advice you may have and look for an update on my two assignments in next week’s blogging post.

Thanks for being part of my journey.  Even in my dark moments, your support in reading and liking my blog are never taken for granted.


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