Day 35 – Delights of the Week – Light and Fluffy Edition

Here are some little delights that made my week that much better.  I thought I’d focus more on the light and fluffy this week than anything intellectually stimulating.

What I am enjoying…

My Himalayan Salt Lamp.  On those cold, wet and rainy days and nights, I love to have my salt lamp on.  It’s the next best thing to having a candle lit without the fire risk.  I have one beside my bed as well.  There is some chatter about the positive health benefits, but admittedly, I bought it for how pretty and warming it looks.  Here’s a link to one of many different types.

What I am eating…

Teriyaki Twist Bowl from Freshii.  I went out for an afternoon of shopping for runners with my DD, and we shared a Teriyaki Twist Bowl from Freshii.  We also requested the addition of that very Asian flavor called falafels…not Asian you say…they are in a teriyaki bowl.  With two sharing the bowl, there is room after this healthy meal for dessert…at the cupcake place next door.

What I am watching…

Friends on Netflix.  On Season 8 now and there are episodes that I haven’t seen before…must have been a busy time in my life when they were out originally.  Friends definitely stands the test of time (except for the lack of smart phones), and I have enjoyed re-experiencing how funny they were.  They were quite a talented group of people, and it led me down the where are they now road.

Hope you have your own light and fluffy delights you’re enjoying.  Have a great week!



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