Day 34 – A Trip to the Dentist

Every nine months, we have the pleasure (and the pain) of visiting our dentist.  He’s a wonderful man I’ve been with since I was little, and now, I visit him with my brood.  It’s a lovely thing to have those constants in your life.

While I pride myself on having overall fairly good teeth hygiene, my dentist inevitably during our visit will have to ask “Do you floss every day?” to which I must obviously reply, “Yes.”  While not a proponent of lying as a habit, I feel this is along the lines of “Do I look fat in this dress?”  I’m simply giving him the answer he wishes to hear to let him know that his concern for my oral health is not unappreciated.  It’s a ritual we practice every time I visit.

As an aside, imagine my shock when one of my children answered the question with an honest “No.”  I’m pretty sure the dentist was thrown off by that one as well because there was a moment of silence before he weakly encouraged my son to floss more often.

That said, my dentist is not fooled.  Apparently, he has been doing this for a few years and can recognize an infrequent flosser and so proceeds the lecture.


This lecture though not comfortable is familiar.  At that moment sitting in front of him, he demonstrates his care for me and my dental health, and while chastised, I truly appreciate his concern. So after receipt of this gentle lecture, I once again resolve to be kinder to my teeth and a better patient and make him proud next visit.  Fingers crossed, this is my year.

Benefits of Flossing

  • prevents gum disease
  • removes food particles
  • removes plaque buildup
  • gives you a clean beautiful smile
  • contributes to a longer life (here’s the article outlining how)

Happy Flossing!


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