Day 33 – Rainy Day Walk and Snakes

Looking out the window, I had one big excuse why I couldn’t go for a walk today…rain.

However, I had told my boys that we were going, and as requested the night before, they were ready to go.  When a teen rolls out of bed to go for a walk by 10 a.m. you go.  One of my DS picked the spot (same one as last week) and off we went.

The scene was pretty spectacular.  Green farm fields were covered with Trumpeter swans.  The green against the white made an amazing effect through the eyes, but through the lens of my camera phone appeared like paper towel on AstroTurf.  Apparently, the Trumpeter swan was once an endangered species, but their numbers have rebounded, and now they enjoy dining on the perennial grasses which some farmers plant intentionally to support the swans and snow geese.

Trumpeter Swans
Paper towel on AstroTurf

Continuing on down the dike, we came across a small pond which we are anticipating will be a wonderful spot for tadpoles as it contained a lot of algae.  We’ll definitely be coming back. to check progress.

pond in March
Pond in March

The highlight though was definitely the little nest of common garter snakes we happened upon.  My DS pointed out that they were very sluggish from the cold as they moved very slowly away from us.  We’re used to having them zip for cover.  There were three hanging out together in a small den.  Our assumption was that they were coming out of hibernation as common garter snakes do den together in the winter or they were mating, but as teen boys do not want to discuss mating rituals of any kind with their mother, they leaned more towards hibernation.

Does this make you shiver?

It’s sights like these that make a walk in the rain a pleasure. In our family coming across any form of wildlife, but in particular snakes, frogs or lizards, constitutes an amazing walk, and to sum it up in the poetic words of my DS, “That was a pretty good walk.”


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