Day 30 – Joyful Dogs and Airing Yourself Out

I’ve been procrastinating on posting my nature walk from last week.  To be honest, no plant, creature or moment leaped out at me as it often does during our tromps.  I started this post a few times, but the topic was not flowing.  Metaphorically, my boat had no anchor.

Crazy dog feet

Then sitting here with a little bit of a headache, I clued in that the biggest benefit of time in nature is the clearing of cobwebs from your cluttered, busy mind and importantly being in nature completely free without agenda.

Wandering outside is a necessary tonic, and it lifts my spirits just being.  It has the effect of meditation without the distracto-brain.

My dog is the best example of how to be in nature…the minute she is let off leash in this beautiful place she runs and runs – Nothing like a dog running free to symbolize pure joy.  She sniffs many things things, rolls in some others and wholeheartedly embraces the experience…and wears it.

So I encourage you, get outside whatever the weather and just be..walk if you feel like walking, run if that tickles your toes or just sit still.  I guarantee you’ll feel amazing when you get back home, and your cobwebs will have been cleared away, even if your dog needs a bath.

Nature is pleased with simplicity. – Isaac Newton

The Fraser River

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