Day 29 – Blogging Lessons Week #4

This week’s blogging lessons have less to do with answers, but are questions I’m currently pondering.  When is the right time to come out of the blogging closet?

Blogging is occupying a lot of my energy and time, and it seems inauthentic of me not to share with friends and family when they ask you sincerely, “What have you been up to?”  Lately, I’m redirecting the conversation, but I am reaching a point where I would love to share this with them and have their support and encouragement.

I did fess up to my DH a couple of weeks ago, and he was kindly supportive as he always is.  However, I did lay down some ground rules.

  • No commenting as my spouse.  You want to know the comments and interest you have been receiving are genuine.  Getting a comment of support from your husband feels like getting an A+ when your parent is your teacher.
  • No telling anyone.   No excerpts in the family newsletter…gotta get there in my time.
  • No criticism.  This blogging is raw writing in the making….growth in progress…skin’s not thick enough yet for nearest and dearest critiques.
  • No suggestions.  I need to find my path right now, and it would be difficult to do with suggestions from people whose opinion I value and may not be able to digest with the appropriate grain of salt.

No answers yet, but I feel like I’m close to putting myself out there a little more.  It seems like it’s the next step in a very long, but amazing, journey.

For all you bloggers out there, when did you put yourself out there to your family and friends? How was it received? Did you put on any limitations?  Any advice?

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash



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