Day 27 – Apple Cider and Allergies

Heart racing, chest heavy and trouble taking a deep breath…those symptoms used to send me heading to the doctor and usually resulted in me being prescribed anxiety medication or undergoing thyroid tests.  Funny thing was I started to realize that these symptoms showed up the same time of year every year.  A search on that trusty friend of the self-diagnoser, Google, and I finally made the connection…allergies.

No sneezy drippy nose or red eyes for me.  My symptoms currently include:

  • fatigue…so tired, so very, very tired.
  • feeling anxious and stressed.
  • chest heaviness.
  • feeling like I can’t take a full breath.

Further investigation unearthed some interesting information about seasonal allergies…that they occur in four seasons.

  • Season One – April/May – tree pollen
  • Season Two – June/July – grass pollen
  • Season Three – Mid-summer mold spores
  • Season Four – Late summer ragweed pollen

Apparently, it’s tree pollen that’s the culprit right now, and we’re surrounded by lots of alder…ugh.

These days over-the-counter allergy medications are just not cutting it.  I decided to search for some natural solutions as a starting point, and if I can’t get a handle on it, I’ll head over to our doctor.

A Few Natural Remedies

  • raw local honey – forget spoonful of sugar…spoonful of honey!
  • apple cider vinegar (our family’s go to for just about any illness)
  • lemon juice/vitamin C
  • quercetin supplement
  • probiotic
  • stinging nettle

Disclaimer:  Consult your doctor.  I’m not an expert.

This morning I was so desperate to stop that anxious feeling that I threw one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of lemon juice in my bottle of water.  After a couple of hours I realized the feeling was gone…coincidence?  I’m not sure, but I’m going to keep trying it.

Are you suffering?  I’d love to hear your kitchen cures.

I'm so grateful cold & flu season has finally given way to allergy season.

Calm Clinic

Wellness Mama

CBC News


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