Day 25 – Favorite Place: My Bed

Tonight, I’m stuck.  I’ve started, rewritten and deleted my bog many times. I wanted to talk about money, but I realized upon writing that my thoughts needed to be solidified and organized somewhat.  I’m sure you don’t read a blog to become more confused than when you began.

So instead I’m going to talk about my favorite place in the world…my bed.

Bedgasm (noun) – A feeling of euphoria experienced when climbing into bed at the end of a very long day. – Unknown  

I love my bed.  I love the feeling of crawling into bed and entering dream mode.  I hate leaving it.

For the ultimate bedgasm experience, I require:

The Perfect Pajamas

Naked – Too cold.  What if there’s a fire?

Nightie – Wrestling match. Unexpected exposure.

Shorts – Wedgie.

Flannel bottoms – Perfect.  Snuggle material.

The Perfect Blanket

My husband purchased me a fleece blanket for Christmas a couple of years ago, and I love it.  I’ve taken it camping with me, to ladies’ weekends and family vacations.  It’s both warm and light, but not too light…medium light.  I can also wrap myself multiple times in it for ultimate snuggability or fold it for controlled coverage.  This is mood dependent.

The Perfect Position

Two pillows in an L shape, arm tucked under pillow near head, one leg bent at the knee, the other straight on side, almost on stomach position, with feet sticking out…not over the side of the bed though…that’s where the monsters under the bed are waiting to bite my toes.  Occasionally on cold nights, feet are tucked under blankets, but not too far from blanket edge or claustrophobia ensues.


None, except for a dimly lit Himalayan salt lamp.


Open…I need to be accessible if anyone needs me…I’m a mother after all.  Also the dog needs to be able to enter and exit on her own or there will be nighttime scratching on the door (she is very persistent).

There you have it…my favorite place.  For the ultimate experience though, it will be a rainy night with the sound of the rain on the roof and newly washed sheets.

I’m curious.  What are your bedgasm necessities?



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