Day 24 – Musings on Receiving

I grew up with the motto, “It’s better to give than receive,” but as I engage with the people around me, there is a pride (too much) that comes from giving and a stigma of weakness around receiving.

Even in my own home, I struggle with receiving.  I will be offered a cup of tea by a family member and will have to fight this overwhelming urge that I should be the one giving them the tea.  I quickly bite my lip and graciously accept their offering.  Why?  I am understanding that it is equally important for me to learn to receive or I have no right to give.

If I can’t receive with graciousness and appreciation, then I certainly cannot give with humility.  If I am unable to receive from my fellow human, then my giving will be with the energy of pride and self-righteousness and that is not a gift.  It is a notch on my good person bed post.

If you were to look at it from a different perspective, the receiver is actually the one who is in a superior position as they allow (and do not block) the flow of generosity and give the gift of allowing hearts to grow bigger (Ha! Wrap your head around that one!).

So, I dare you…receive something graciously and bask in the discomfort…that discomfort is just your character growing.

Image result for receive quotes
Picture obtained from website.  Check it out…I love the openness and rawness of the writing.




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