Day 23 – Spring

This morning, I looked out of my back door and was completely delighted to see the first of many signs that spring is coming (besides my allergies)…crocuses!

spring 2
Spring emerging

The other sign of spring around the corner is my renewed energy to spring clean.  It would be one thing if it just pertained my home, but it extends into wanting to spring clean everything in my life including my family.  Fortunately, my family resists my efforts and insists on being allowed to be the imperfectly perfect beings they are.

I really think it is all precipitated by that beautiful sunshine that streams in the window and highlights every speck of dust and cobweb.  I’m not the most of immaculate of house cleaners at the best of times which is highlighted by a friend who jokingly pointed out a huge cobweb asking if I was prepping for Halloween (in July).   He’s lucky he is a good friend.

Spring cleaning is a fad that will pass soon, but as long as I’m motivated, the house and I will be better for it, so I’ll ride the wave.

Here’s a few of my spring cleaning resources for this year.  Feel free to share a few of your own.

Becoming Minimalist

I fell across Joshua Becker in one of those Facebook moments where you see something that connects and want more of it.  I have since subscribed to his magazine, Simplify Magazine, and feel encouraged to look for ways in my life to shed the energy of clutter and embrace the free feeling that comes with minimalist living…whatever that looks like for your family.

Project 333

Not being much a shopper, the idea of only having 33 items to wear per season totally aligns with how I would want my closet to look like and be organized.  I’m not there yet in terms of spending my time here, but Courtney totally motivated me to clean my closet.  It had become an energy draining area in my home.  I’ll talk more about this again.  It’s an ongoing journey.  This is a huge area of self acceptance for me.

Mel Robbins – Spring Clean Training

A Ted Talk I found on Mel Robbins convinced me that I need to stop thinking and start blogging, so when she put out of a Spring Cleaning for Your Mind, my participation was a given.  I just started the series today so I can’t comment on what is happening yet, but this is one of my spring cleaning resources.

I’ll possibly update on these.  They each pack a lot of depth of information, and I’m going to need to spend some focused time on each.  The most important thing is that they have me making some positive steps in areas that had previously had been quite a block.

Happy cleaning!


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