Day 22 – Blogging Lessons Week 3

As a step in my blogging journey, I am making note of the lessons I am learning as I blog my way through each day.  Perhaps, you fellow bloggers will have encountered some of the same and will share some of your knowledge; though, hopefully, you will NOT have encountered my first lesson of the week.

Make sure you can add

I had a wonderful little note from WordPress a couple of days ago that excitedly told me that I had output 20 blog posts!  However, there was some momentary confusion when I realized my blog title for that day was Day 19.  Hmmm, a quick review of my posts quickly revealed that I had repeated Day 17 twice.  So, my advice to you is that if you decide to number your posts in any way…review the previous blog to stay on track because 1+1=2, not 1+1=17.

Finding a topic

I thought every day I had lots of ideas and experiences to write about, and I do, but when I sit at my computer, many ideas have lost their luster, and how can you write about something you don’t feel some kind of connection with or excitement for.  In my search for answers, I discovered a piece of advice that has been helpful – write badly.  When you write every day, not every post is going to be amazing.  Accept some days you’re going to write badly, but just write.  Staying in the process is far more important (in the beginning stages of your journey) than writing for impact.


This week, I have had the honor of reading some well thought out posts from other bloggers.  Along with the pang of wondering whether I would one day be able to write in such a fabulous way, I also came to the realization that daily blogging is hard to do in-depth.  Many of these blogs have evolved over a period of a week or more with much (I assume) research and editing.  The insight gained is that daily blogging is building the habit of making space and time for writing which is so important when you’re starting out.


It’s vital to remember that this is a journey, and there is no wrong or “write” way to walk this journey, as long as you’re walking.

Can you believe it’s been three weeks!!!


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