Day 21 – Delights of the Week

Here is a review of the few things that made my week delightful in all kinds of different ways

What I am watching…

Black Panther I loved it!  My family is all Marvel movie fans so there was no question we were going to see this sooner or later.  Not only did we all have free passes to get in (a collection of gift certificates and movie points), we were entertained with 2+ hours of a great story line, kick ass women, strong diverse leads and beautiful scenery.


What I touched me….

It’s good to be loved.  It’s profound to be understood. – Portia de Rossi


What I baked…

In my quest to gather some control over my white flour/white sugar intake, my sister passed this recipe on to me.  I really love bread, but I so missed it when I decided to lay off the carbs that trip me up the most.  This isn’t a complete substitute for a delicious sourdough, but it helps.  As an aside, I do allow myself a carb-on day.  The goal is to do better, not be a saint.  Today was that day so I started off my morning with an all-dressed bagel with cream cheese and jam…delicious.   Tomorrow, I will enjoy the bread below toasted with avocado and a little sriracha.

The Healthiest Bread In The World


This was my week, I would love to hear about yours.  =)


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