Day 19 – Shopping with My Men

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying DS to the store to purchase some very needed jeans.  Normally, shopping does not rate high on my list as enjoyable activities.  Lately, I have discovered the minimalist movement and have embraced the message even if my motives are to just keep me out of the store.

I have a 2-hour endurance for shopping, and then I hit the wall.  When I hit the wall, all items look the same, my decision-making ability is moot and I beeline it to any available seating in any store I visit…even planting myself on the floor if absolutely necessary.


Photo by Bart Jaillet on Unsplash

My shopping experience with my DS was enlightening.  We were there for jeans.  He would only try on jeans and would not consider any deviation from the plan.  I attempted to suggest some tee shirts, but that wouldn’t fly.  Once we completed the mission and found a pair that fit well, he loaded up with multiple pairs, stated he was exhausted, paid and led the way to the car.  Wow!  I didn’t even time to get sore feet.

Every life moment seems to have a lesson for the bigger picture of my life.  The focus my DS demonstrated today is something that I have been trying to effect in my own life this last year…the goal of focused attention.

In this journey of focused attention, I have found that by prioritizing my wants above the to do list, I accomplish more of what is fulfilling to me, and everything else falls into place somehow.  Sure, I’ve had to lower my house cleaning standards (weren’t that high to begin with), roped my family in to help more (good thing!) and had to let some things go, but I’m now hooked on that amazing feeling of knowing I have multiple pairs of jeans in my closet.

Always remember, your focus determines your reality. – George Lucas


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