Day 16 – Laundry and Birdfeeders

In a burst of home cleanliness and productivity, I did my laundry and also cleaned the bird feeder that has been haunting me for a few weeks.  Every winter, I put our bird feeder out to keep those little birds full and to enjoy observing all their antics through the season.  True to form, we had lots of little creatures to keep us entertained while we observed through the windows…chickadees, house sparrows, finches, juncos, Northern flickers (tossing up the dead leaves), spotted towhees and even the odd hummingbird passed by (still trying to get a good feeding solution…competing with the neighbors for hummingbirds and so far they’re winning).


unsplash-logoAnnie Spratt

This bird feeder had gotten pretty ugly with some new seed I had put in which caked in some bad weather and went rotten.  Our discerning birds went to nicer feeders, and when I had realized that our traffic had decreased, I investigated.  Ewww.  Be grateful I have no pics.  After procrastinating, I decided it was time to deal with the grossness, and now I have a beautifully clean feeder ready to go back up again tomorrow.

For many, laundry and bird feeder cleanliness may not be a very fulfilling day, but starting with some little things often flows into more little things such as trying a new tandoori recipe, sorting through paperwork and locating my son’s iPod in the garbage (super mom!).

In spite of all the little things I accomplished, the bird feeder is the top of my list because of the hours of future fun it will provide.  Laundry would be a close to the bottom except when I run out of underwear.

Update:  My son whose iPod I found and who has the flu threw up on the bird feeder which was drying in the sink…I think his iPod might get lost in the garbage again.  Sigh.

Squirrel Bird Feeder Funny Meme


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