Day 15 – Blogging Lessons from Week 2

At the completion of week 2 of blogging every day (Yah, me!), I wanted to write a short piece about some of the hurdles that I’ve encountered this week…writing through flu, writing when you have no idea what to write about and staying authentic in your writing.

However when reviewing all these challenges this week, I have to admit I didn’t want to talk about any of that.  What I wanted to talk about is the surprising sense of community I have encountered in my short period of blogging.

I had always assumed that blogging was quite an individual process with readers composing the community.  While this is indeed partially true, it is the world of fellow bloggers who were an expected delight in my fledgling journey.


Fellow bloggers who themselves have fascinating blogs have been an unexpected support, liking my blogs, adding comments and teaching me much about being your own voice and just loving the process.

It also reinforces my feeling of abundance in that there are many of us who have insights to share, adventures to delight and ideas to cultivate, and there is room for all of these voices.

This community has shown me that my responsibility is not only to myself and my own writing, but also to spend time encouraging other bloggers as I have been encouraged.  My world has been expanded beyond what I thought it was going to look like two weeks ago.  One of the exciting elements of putting your foot forward on a journey like this is that the view you thought was static is constantly changing.

So, thank you to the community of bloggers who have been and will be a part of my process.  You have been an unexpected joy.

You won’t understand the unabashed power of a community until you’re a part of one. – Unknown

Picture above credited to:

unsplash-logoJames Baldwin


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