Day 14 – Delights of the Week

Some of the blogs I follow have frequent updates about what they have read in the week, a particular song they have enjoyed or a funny YouTube video.  I really enjoy just poking through their lists and seeing if anything inspires me.  Particularly if a pile of books accompanies their post, my attention is immediately hooked.

As I consider myself a lifelong learner, I always have some little tidbits on the go, so I thought I’d make Saturday a share day.

What I am reading…

Bootstrapper, A Memoir by Mardi Jo Link.  One of my personal goals was to spend more time with some good old-fashioned books…some e-books, but mostly solid hard-copy books from the library.  This was one I picked up this week, and while initially skeptical on whether it would hook my interest, it did.  An honest account of a newly separated mother of three boys trying to maintain and hang on to a 6-acre farm in northern Michigan.  What I loved was her relationship with her boys, her tough-girl, yet honest, attitude, and the way she made me wonder whether I could be as a tough girl too.

A blog I am following…

Susanne Conway.   Her blogs feel like having a catch-up tea with a friend who oozes self-compassion and authenticity.  One day I will take one of her lovely classes.  It’s on the list.  Her photography as well is quite beautiful, and she often has free desktop wallpapers if you subscribe to her blog which are inspirational and lovely to look at.

What potions I’m concocting…

My flu-ridden family has exhausted all conventional means for relieving congestion.   In a fit of desperation, I decided to try this recipe from Healing Harvest Homestead on making your own natural decongestant.  The jury is out on the effectiveness of it as I just made it today and my son did refuse to take it saying it burned (she advised putting in less cayenne if you were giving it to kids, but I anticipated mine would fine with it…wrong), but on trying it myself, I really enjoyed it.  My husband is also taking it, and I think I’ve noticed a decrease in his amount of congestion.  The ingredients are simple: Lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, honey, ginger and cayenne.  I really like it even though my symptoms are minimal and make me feel like I’m doing something active to prevent any deterioration.  Let’s face it, the spiciness of it just makes you feel like it must be burning those germs away.  =)

Anyway enough about me, I’d love to hear where your interests have taken you this week.

They say “don’t try this at home,” so I’m coming over to your house to try it. – Unknown



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