Day 13 – Grocery Shopping

Today while wandering the aisles of our local large-scale supermarket, my phone congratulated me for reaching 10,000 steps.  While I’m pretty positive 10,000 steps were not entirely achieved in the store, it could possibly be responsible for at least half of them.

To be entirely honest, I strongly dislike shopping for groceries.  When I’ve put it off for a long time, I do enjoy a little refresher wander down the aisles trying to see what new delights may be waiting for me; however on the whole, it feels like a mundane chore.

My lack of commitments starts when I park the car in the lot…outer fringes.  I’m not willing to really get invested by parking with the masses…rural territory is for me.

Following this starts the “do I have a coin for the cart” game followed by “find the cart with the squeakiest wheels” (really good at finding that one!) or the toboggan cart (wheels stop spinning for no apparent reason).  I particularly love the way you don’t actually find out what kind of cart you have until you enter the smooth surface of the store floor…keeps you guessing.

Our store at the moment is in a point of transition.  They put in a new wine aisle, and I think the shelf organizers are spending too much time in that department.  Every time I go I have to relearn where everything is. Today I discovered toilet paper in the same aisle as international foods which either indicates poor planning or just plain thoughtfulness (I once made vegan korma with coconut cream that would just run straight through you).

The fitness portion of my visit came when I could not find some items on my list and had to traverse the store at least four of five times (it’s a big store!!!).  The items in question were ones my family had added to my list as must haves…ever try to find Marmite in chaos…smallest jar ever…and since when did that become a necessity?!

Exhausted but triumphant, I made my way to the cashier who informed me that they had changed their card system, and I would only accumulate store points once I transferred cards…Sigh, I had just figured out the last system.

Back to the car with my groceries where I played my final grocery game, “keep the cart from rolling downhill while simultaneously loading groceries in the trunk” game.

Done for another week…wait did I forget the cream?

Believe it or not, if you Google grocery shopping quotes you actually get some.

Accidentally went shopping on an empty stomach and now I’m the proud owner of Aisle 5. – Unknown




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