Day 12 – Unkindness Versus Understanding

Another day, another Facebook post on a local group forum inciting lots of judgment and anger.  The issue is irrelevant, but it’s one of the hot bed topics (usually to do with parenting decisions) that invoke much in the way of vitriolic responses.

There is no room for vulnerability or discussion on these forums.  It’s all I’m right and you’re wrong.  I used to respond, but now I realize it’s like dealing with fighting children, the more you put your energy into it, the more energy you give to the fight not the resolution.  I wish there were settings on Facebook for the type of content you would want to see.  Mine would have these boxes checked: Positivity, sweet stories that makes you cry, motivational anything, respectful funny, dessert recipes and minimalist threads.  Those definitely not checked would be images of people with six-pack abs and who want to tell me how to get them, negativity in any form, stories to incite guilt, unuseful political information and people posting pics or videos of their kids taking developmentally challenged individuals to prom, collecting for charity and any situation where humility should be the end goal not publicity.

What’s wrong with not having to be right or wrong?  Why can’t we take a step into someone else’s perspective and understand (whether we agree or not) that they made their decision based on a sum of life experiences and knowledge that is different from ours.  Isn’t that the wonder of our uniqueness.

While I write this, I’m a little foggy brained from the flu so bear with me.  I just attempted to put our cream in the cupboard instead of the fridge, so I have factual evidence to support my statement, but that’s also my perspective…maybe some of you like room temperature cream.  I’m willing to accept that and hear you.

I have a lot of appreciation for wisdom in the form of sarcastic respectful fun, so I quite enjoyed this.  =)  Stay healthy.



3 thoughts on “Day 12 – Unkindness Versus Understanding

  1. I get you. Arguments in Facebook are often so charged with emotion that tend to derail convos from being rational discussions to sheer name-calling and personal attacks. I think there *is* an option that could help curate the content you see. It’s not as straightforward as ticking boxes, though. At the upper right hand portion of every post on your timeline, there’s an ellipsis you could click on, which will show options such as “Hide Post – See fewer posts like this” and “Unfollow”, which allow you to stop seeing posts from a particular person.

    Sorry to hear you’re sick; get well soon!

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