Day 10 – Home

After missing one family members for two weeks, we are now complete again.  I revel in seeing my teens spread their wings and have an adventure, but the best part of the adventure is hearing about their fun and having them back home again.

It’s not something I’ll ever share with them.  I’ll tell them I miss them, but I won’t allow my parting gift to be the burden of emotional guilt.  I will tell them I’ll miss them (I’m all about authenticity), but I will also tell them to have a wonderful time, text if they find the time (no electronic leashes) and have a wonderful adventure. No strings.  No need for them to feel that my missing them is their responsibility.  No forced contact.

And when they come home, I’ll listen to their adventures, delight in their step closer to independence and help them (if they want) to plan the next adventure.

Missing someone is your heart’s way of reminding you that you love them. – Unknown


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