Day 9 – The Flu

Runny noses, fevers, joint aches and pains, headaches, earaches and sore throats, this is the lovely symptom profile infesting my house over the last two weeks.  To me, this is the only downside of living in a family…you share every sickness, and sometimes for a little extra measure of fun, it comes around twice.

As a mother of teens though, this is when I get to shine.  My teens will actually allow me to coddle them and will show great appreciation for the smoothies, warm blankets and Kleenex that I happily get for them.  Any other time of year, these types of requests will be prefaced with a lecture about the women’s movement and extolling the virtue of independence…don’t ask for anything you are capable of doing yourself.  In flu time though, the rule book gets thrown out, and mom is here to take care of them.

This is totally a horrible thing to say, but I would guess that many a mom feels the same way…I do enjoy a short round of flu in our house…short, minimal suffering and as long as I don’t get it too.  I get to spoil my grateful teens, the house is peaceful during the day with all extracurricular activities cancelled and everyone is in bed early at night.  Coming from someone who very rarely is home alone, this is the next best thing.  I also have an excuse to watch an obscene amount of movies (quality time) and nap (keeping my immune system strong).

While my ultimate mom wish would be for my nearest and dearest to be perpetually healthy and strong, this is beyond my control, so I’ll be content with being the one they call for right now at this moment until they are calling for someone else.  <Sniff>

I want my dad…said no sick kid ever. – Unknown




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