Day 6 – Blogging Through Week One

Nearing the end of my first week of blogging every day, I am learning what a challenge blogging every day is.  These are some of the pitfalls that I have encountered this week.

Time.  I knew this would be an issue from the get go.  I was fortunate in that this week my schedule lightened up more than anticipated with a sick teen (not as much driving), one teen being away and snow.  Looking at an even busier week next week, I’m determined; yet, curious whether I’ll be able to do it gracefully.

Emotional barriers.  By day 2, I felt defeated and I felt what I was doing was silly.  I also knew this was going to happen.  My brain tried to talk me into quitting, and I so wanted to let it, but I went back to my Day 1 post and got a little motivation.  Even then, I found that I really had to set aside 30 minutes just to focus.  Many times my writing sessions would extend longer, but I had to sit down and start.  Time limits helped me bypass my emotional hurdles.

Frustration.  My writing isn’t where I would like it to be.  I haven’t figured out how to succinctly and astutely (had to use spellcheck for both those words!) express myself.  However, I know that if I don’t put in the work my writing won’t improve, and I also am aware that I need to write with purpose, so my blog serves as both.  Eventually, I would like to add a course on blog writing.  I am also becoming aware of how often I use the word “also.”

Topics.  I went from thinking I’m overflowing with topics to realizing that churning out a piece of writing on a particular subject every day is challenging.  I find myself jotting little notes around the house on things that pique my interest.  Since I don’t have a particular focus for my blog, the sky’s the limit, but sometimes the only thing you feel motivated to write about is the mushroom you saw on your walk.

These are the hurdles I have faced for week one; however, the universe (or Facebook) has a way of providing little bits of encouragement.  Here is one such piece of inspiration.

Not 10,000 hours, but 20 hours!  What an uplifter!

Obstacles do not prevent you from your calling.  They prepare you for it. – Lise Bevere


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